​​Celebrate 30 years of 2 Unlimited! For three unforgettable decades, 2 Unlimited has graced the music industry with their infectious beats, electrifying performances, and timeless hits. Join us in commemorating this incredible journey as we pay tribute to the iconic duo and their unwavering presence in our lives.

Since bursting onto the scene in [insert year], 2 Unlimited has captivated audiences worldwide with their groundbreaking sound and energetic stage presence. From “Get Ready for This” to “No Limit” and beyond, their chart-topping hits have become anthems that continue to ignite dancefloors to this day.

To express our gratitude to the legions of dedicated fans who have made this incredible journey possible, we are thrilled to release special remix collections of classic 2U tracks.



Download/stream Get Ready For This remix EPs: EP1 | EP2 | EP3 

Download/stream Twilight Zone remix EPs: EP1 | EP2 | Twilight Zone – Sharp Maniac Remix

There’s more still to come, so watch this space! 


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​​Celebrate 30 years of 2 Unlimited!